Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Lake Erie's eastern basin has become the premier location to fish for trophy Small mouth bass in the North America.

Average catches are 40-60 bass a day with an average size of 2-4 lbs with many 5-6 lb fish being caught.

We fish the Buffalo area where Lake Erie funnels down into the mouth of the upper Niagara River.

Buffalo Harbor has over 5 miles of Rocky break walls that warm up fast in the spring and are Small Mouth Bass magnets.

Out in the lake there are giant reefs like Seneca and Waverly shoals and the well known Meyers reef that come out of 35-40 feet of water up to 12-15 feet. Bass and Walleye school up around these structures all summer long. Lake Erie's Yellow Perch population is also extremely healthy.

May through Mid June is Trophy Bass season

In New York State waters of Lake Erie we have a special trophy Bass season before the regular season opens on the 3rd Saturday in June.

During this time it is not uncommon to catch many bass in the 4-5 lb range. As it is a trophy season, you may only keep one Smallmouth Bass over 20 inches (approx. 5 lbs).

This is also a great time to fish for Yellow Perch. The Yellow Perch in this area of Lake Erie are both numerous and huge.... with many in the 12-15 inch range.

Unlike most Bass, Walleye and Perch charters on Lake Erie, we clean and package your perch at no extra charge!