Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Here you will find the information about fishing and hunting licenses that you may need for a charter

New York State Licenses
Fishing Licenses
Resident Annual     ... $29.00
Non-Resident Annual ... $70.00

Resident 7 Day      ... $15.00
Non-Resident 7 Day  ... $35.00

Resident 1 Day      ... $5.00
Non-Resident 1 Day  ... $15.00

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Youth under 16 do not need a fishing license

Hunting Licenses
Resident Small Game Fee     ... $26.00
Senior Resident (age 70+)   ... $10.00
Non-Resident Small Game Fee ... $85.00

Junior Hunting (Ages 12-15 must apply in person accompanied by adult)

Resident Small Game Fee     ... $5.00
Non-Resident Small Game Fee ... $5.00

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To hunt waterfowl you must have:

  • A Federal Duck Stamp ($15.00)
  • New York State HIP #(Harvest Information Program)

HIP #'s are free and can be obtained online at the Harvest Information Program or by calling 1-888-4ASKHIP (888-427-5447).

You must first buy your New York hunting license and have your license # when you call.

Canadian Fishing Licenses
Yearly Licenses
Annual License              ... $74.79
Annual Conservation License ... $46.00
(allows reduced limits)
Daily Licenses
8 Day License      ... $47.89
8 Day Conservation ... $27.71
(allows reduced limits)
1 Day License      ... $20.18

Buy your Fishing License

To purchase an annual or 8 Day Canadian license you must first purchace a "Fishing Outdoors Card" for $9.68
(Valid for three years)

Your Canadian fishing license and Outdoors Card must both be carried together while fishing

* Youth under 18 do not need a fishing license in Canada

Non – resident fishing licenses are also available through the mail by calling the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800 667-1940. It may take up to two weeks for you to receive your license, so plan accordingly.