Sea Duck Hunt Testimonials

Dear John and Kurt:

We are writing to commend you for an extraordinary hunting experience last week in the Finger Lakes region of New York. We knew that the two of you were superb salmon fishermen, because you have consistently outperformed other charter boats in the 20-plus years that we have fished with you. However, I personally had some trepidation about hunting with you for the first time in this type of venue and there was additional pressure on me because I had invited my brother to fly out from Minnesota to join us.

To say that the two of you dramatically exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. In order to appreciate the significance of that compliment, it is important to know that we have all done a tremendous amount of waterfowl hunting over the past 35 years in some of the prime areas of the continental US. Some of these venues have included:

  • The Eastern Shore of Maryland – 7-8 years of duck and goose hunting
  • Minnesota and the Dakota’s – Over 35 years of duck and goose hunting
  • Ohio and Pennsylvania – More than 20 years of duck and goose hunting

Some of the factors that contributed to our categorical pleasure with the three day hunting experience included:

  • Planning and Organization:
    • It was eminently clear, from the very first time we discussed the potential hunt, that you had your program down pat. You clearly communicated everything to us, from a detailed description of the hunt to recommended hotel, clothing, shot size, food to bring, license requirements, etc. There were absolutely no stones unturned and, as a result, none of those typical "surprises" which always leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.
  • Attention to Detail
    • The two of you were unbelievably meticulous about addressing every aspect of the hunt. You went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we maximized our opportunities to shoot at as many ducks and geese as possible. The mere fact that you awoke two hours before us to ensure the precise configuration of the decoys was a clear indication of how committed you were to our ultimate success.
  • Performance
    • When all is said and done, the ultimate indicator of quality is success, i.e. how many ducks and geese did we have an opportunity to shoot at. Having hunting in so many primo locations, I was absolutely stunned at how many birds you brought in, including the fact that innumerable large flocks decoyed and several even landed for minutes on end, something I had rarely seen in my previous 35 years of hunting.

      Suffice to say, we had a remarkable experience with you and look forward to joining you again next fall. Please feel free to have prospective clients contact us if they wish to discuss any particulars of our hunt with you. Thanks again for your superb efforts.
  Jonathan B. Shapiro
  Sylvania, Ohio
  Jeffrey B. Shapiro
  Hibbing, Minnesota
  Ted Caveglia
  Butler, Pennsylvania