Lake Ontario/Niagara River: Sea Duck Hunts

Sea Duck hunting on the Great Lakes

The mouth of the Niagara River offers some of the best hunting for Old Squaws and White Wing Scoters anywhere in the United States.

This picture shows our decoys stretched out behind our boat as well as 3 limits of ducks taken on three consecutive days in early December.

The hunting only gets better as the late split seaon opens on Dec 26th running thru approximately Jan 10th

You've Never Seen Duck Shooting this Good

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The Niagara Bar is the wintering area for thousands of Old Squaws as well as Scoters.

Old Squaws are one of the most sought after ducks around.

A beautiful dark brown and white Arctic duck makes a great mount.

I recommend you bring at least two and maybe three boxes of shells (steel or non-toxic shot only) as these are one of the fastest and hard to hit ducks around.

Things You'll Need
NY small game hunting license
50-75 shells non-toxic shot size 2, 3 or 4
Federal duck stamp more info
Shot gun with 3 shot plug
NY State HIP # more info